Cheated By Domain or Hosting Provider ? Don't Be Silent

India is good market for statups, many concepts and great ideas deploying on internet everyday. But some time a small mistake can drop everything in garbage.  One of our reader share their problem with me recently he is cheated by Indian hosting company "". Before purchase they makes lot's of promises and after that truth comes, server almost dead means low response time, too much down times and when he asked for refund they stop replying emails and terminate his account.

Ref:,,  &

So in this article I will share everything, what you will do if you cheated by any eCommerce service provider and about Cheated By Domain or Hosting Provider ? Don't Be Silent.

how to make consumer complaint

Fact About  Free Domain Reseller Account-

Most of hosting providers offer's you to free domain reseller accounts, and they are providing sub reseller account of so it's good to directly get account from and be your own boss.

You can also get good server hosting by them and be a part of WordWide running platform instead of local market service providers. Buying hosting and domain from good seller as - Godaddy, BigRock , BlueHost never be hassle with awesome support.

Check Review On Google Before Buying Anything :

Let's assume company name as above and you are going to buy hosting by them then you should make a simple Google search using keyword - " review".

Make sure avoid review on their own website may it's fake. Defiantly you will get lot's of reviews as below I got.

cheated by siliconhouse hosting


It's easy to understand after reading such reviews and clear your doubt related to fake premisses and all.

How to complaint against fake or fraud eCommerce merchant: 

I'm from India and everything based on Indian eCommerce system so if you are outsiders then just try to understand the process.

Almost all merchants using 3rd party payment gateways. Ex- CCavenue, PayU, PayTm etc. After every payment your payment goes under buyers protection and on hold for 2-3 days meanwhile your action required.

Find payment gateway provider support email as for CCavenue is

Drop a proper email with what you are facing and how to cheated by their merchant.

They will reply to you soon and hold your payment to transfer merchant and start investigating.

Meanwhile you should search for "consumer complaint" . You will get's several portal where you can drop your reviews it will helps others.

Complaint to  National Consumer Forum:

Never left them, if still not got help and merchant showing their hidden terms or anything else. Goto and file you complaint how they miss guide before sales and after that everything changed and what difficulties you are facing.

It's good to be aware and shout up for unfair deals. I hope this will helps you.

Himanshu is a young engineer living in India. Currently working at Cognizant as a Senior Engineer. He is an ethical hacker & blogger too, doing lots of crazy stuff... If you seem interesting, go through his portfolio: : "Open Source. Millions of open minds can't be wrong!

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