Control USB device rights using Phrozen Safe USB Tool

Hello Friends I'm udai and going to share how to control USB Device Rights and protect from unwanted  files .

Is there no way to protect our systems? 

In modern scenario attacks on computer systems can take place from various methods such as email, websites, malicious files, network traffic and USB devices. There are lot of tools available in the market such as ranging from simple scanning tools to Professional Antivirus software’s. Well most of these software’s and tools helps in preventing our systems from virus, worms, Trojans etc but no one is 100% accurate. Attackers now use various modes of attacks and spread virus not only monophonic but metamorphic and polymorphic also which are difficult for any antivirus software to detect because they keep on changing signature as well as functionality.I guess after reading above all of you are thinking that is there any tool or method which can protect our system 100%, well the answer is NO.

Phrozen Safe USB Tool Tutorial by

But there are methods which you can implement to mitigate the effect of attacks on your system. In this article we are going to review one such tool  - ‘Phrozen Safe USB Tool’ which allows closing some of the entry doors of virus propagation. Most of the virus and worms propagate through USB devices from one system to another system. If you close this virus vector than effect of attacks can be mitigated to some extent. Phrozen Safe USB Tool allows you to change the status of USB on PC by changing the USB status as shown below in the figure.

Phrozen Safe USB Tool Modes:

Fully Operational Mode (FOM): Normal Mode which allows you to use USB Storage devices normally (copy, modify, move or delete files).

Read Only Mode (ROM): This mode allows you to only read the files which mean if there is a virus on your system then this mode helps in denying writing or moving of virus on USB.
Disabled Mode: If this mode is enabled then you will not be able to see the USB device and it works in stealth mode
Use this tool to prevent propagating of virus and other malicious software’s from USB to computer system and vice verse.

Click Here to Download Phrozen Safe USB Tool


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