Google Official Publisher Plugin for WordPress launched Today

Google released a new official WordPress plugin To help WordPress users with two Google products AdSense and Webmaster Tools. If we talk about Google AdSense, this plugin is designed to make easy for WordPress user to add AdSense code to their WordPress blog or website, without having any template modification experience, something you face basic knowledge of HTML or CSS, as depending on WordPress template.

Google Official Publisher Plugin

When you add your AdSense publisher ID to the Official Google Publisher Plugin, yo will select your ad placements by the given options for where you can display AdSense Ads on your WordPress blog. Simply click the appropriate display area you would like place your AdSense ads to appear and the plugin will do It.

Google Official Publisher Plugin new

Previous Third Party WordPress Add AdSense Plugins:

There are so many third party AdSense plugins that have been released previously and most of them take widget areas where ads appear, and widget areas in most of case be the parts of the page that don't have a high click through rate for ads.
With Google's plug in, you will surely be able to select higher optimized ads placements for your AdSense and boost AdSense ad revenue for publishers. We hope this plugin be very popular with AdSense publishers who looking for an easy way to add AdSense to their WordPress blog to maximizing ad performance.

Feature Of New Google official WordPress Plugin:

Google Official Publisher Plugin detail


Let's come on the second part of Official Google Publisher plugin is a Webmaster Tools verification. Simply follow the instructions of plugins and on your settings it will show your site has been eaisly verified.

Download Google official WordPress Plugin:

If you think it's good for you and looking for download link than you can download the plugin from the WordPress official directory. Simply download it and upload to your WordPress plugins directory after that follow the instructionsand add AdSense or to do your Google Webmaster Tools.


Webmaster tools display your site performance and warnings to your WordPress dashboard.
Also It's first official WordPress plugin by Google. Google features to first and single all-in-one plugin. We know well Webmasters should surely keep this plugin and watch for any updates. If the plugin proves popular,definitely Google add more publisher related plugins.

Google Official Publisher Plugin, Features at a glance:

Enables you to easily use Google's products including AdSense and Webmaster Tools - with your WordPress blog/site.
This is beta version of the Google Publisher Plugin.
Easily add AdSense to your site to make money from advertising.
Verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just one click.
Visit Google Help Center for more information.

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