How to resolve fatal error in WordPress

Recently I got a fatal error in WordPress during plugin installation, as installation procedure everything is ok and plugin installed successfully but after that sudden I got fatal error and my website stop working in both of access , user front and admin backend.

What is fatal error ?

A fatal error also called fatal exception error is an error that causes a program to abort and may return the user to the server. When fatal error happens, data that the program was processing may be lost.

Ex- Fatal error: Access level to _WP_List_Table_Compat::get_column_info()

Why fatal error in WordPress ?

In most of cases fatal error in WordPress comes due to failure of updating themes or plugins.
When you tried to update or install theme or plugin, WordPress fetch .zip package and extract in server if at that time it return with interruption such as slow internet or same method function mismatch etc, file proccecing not completed and WordPress unable to run you blog or website properly and return fatal error.

How to resolve Fatal Error in WordPress ?

Before proceed to solve your problem you should try to identify problem as per your observation.
1- If fatal error comes after theme installation then you should manually update theme or reset theme files with previous backup.
2- If error comes after plugin update then no need to worry, just read below and I hope it will resolve your problem.

Step 1 : (If theme update failure)

  • Connect your site using ftp if you don't know then read from here !.
  • Go to /public_html/wp-content/themes and update theme files and overwrite when FileZilla or any ftp client ask for it.

 fatal error in wordpress solve


Step 2: (If plugin is reason for that)

  • Connect with ftp as above instruction.
  • Go to /public_html/wp-content/plugins ,rename plugin folder (this will help you to find out reason behind this may be or may be not for plugin issue) and access website URl, if it's working well then revert plugin directry to real name and find out last installed plugin and delete it.

Again refresh your site in URL, I hope your website will start again.
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