How to start blogging ? step by step

If you think start blogging in 2014 and want to share which you think, which you learn in your words, than why should you wait and for what ? I'm going to share how to start blogging step by step.
Let's discuss all about blogging like future and scope with entrepreneur experience of yourself.

What is important in blogging ?

Before start your blog you should know what is important for become a good blogger, when you share your words with your blog people read it and observe everything about your writing, so first important thing is your content on which you want share everything in blog, if your article is on good topic and people love them than you must established as professional blogger.

Best Blogging platform:

How to start first blogBlogging need a platform to shout you loud, it can be as per your requirement and comfort. There are so many blogging platform but most liked is WordPress and Google Blogger. Google Blogger is free of charge and hosted on google server, it's provide 1GB space for image and store in your Picasa account. WordPress also provide free blogging with custom domain name and you will pay if you go for top level domain, WordPress also provide self hosted blog CMS by which you can host your blog on your server and it's free of cost.
You can read difference between Google blogger and WordPress from here.

Avoid duplicate content:

If you article unique, your own words indexing of your content is preferd by google. You will get imprressive image among your user and value by ads serving networks. Also duplicate content put penalty in your pocket as bad Google ranking and ignored by Google boat.

Earn money with blogging:

After successful blogging you can earn with your writing, every article which loved by reader can deliver money in your account. If your blog older than 6months and good traffic on your page apply for Google Adsense and BySellAds to revenue and comfortable blogging.

How to start My First Blog:

Start your first blog with Google blogger from Here, Start your blog with WordPress from Here. If you want to start your self hosted blog than it's also so easy after buying webhosting and domain name install WordPress with cpanel just a click.

So don't waste your time and start blogging today. Happy Blogging 🙂

Himanshu is a young engineer living in India. Currently working at Cognizant as a Senior Engineer. He is an ethical hacker & blogger too, doing lots of crazy stuff... If you seem interesting, go through his portfolio: : "Open Source. Millions of open minds can't be wrong!

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