Single js is used to create single page Websites

Create  a Single-page website is becoming the latest trend.  Single-page  design is  very easy to create . it can be done without possessing knowledge of any front-end designing tools or  programming skills.

Single js

To use this plugin, first of all you will need the jQuery and jQuery Easing Plugin, after that   you can download the single.js plugin. after doing this you will need to create the HTML structure and call the plugin, as in the example below:

Plugin is used to create single page Websites.

<div id="single">
<div data-target="home">
<div data-target="skills">
<a href="#" data-link="contact">Go To Contact</a>
<div data-target="portfolio">
<img src="img/assassin.jpg" alt="Assassins Creed" data-img="true" width="100%" />
<div data-target="contact">

Demo    Download
And you call the plugin like:

<script type="text/javascript">

single.js is  a jquery plugin that use to create single-page scroll websites.

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