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The one type of application Windows will never fall short of is the one designed for customizing the operating system. Either it’s a simple theme or a logon changing program, there will always be plenty of users wanting to tune up the looks.
ModernLogin is a customizable screensaver that can be added to the default list available in Windows 7 and it emulates the lock screen in Windows 8.

The tool is free of charge and at the moment, despite being a simple application, is in beta stage of development.

Being a screensaver, ModernLogin does not come wrapped up in the regular EXE file; getting it on the system is a simple matter of right clicking it and choosing “Install.” Unfortunately, this action will show the first tell that some work still needs to be done because the installation files will be dumped where the main file is.
If you need to remove it from the system, simply delete all the files, including ModernLogin.scr and you’re rid of it.

Once enabled, the screensaver displays an image similar to the lock screen in Windows 8, with the time and date displayed in large characters in the lower left part of the screen. Getting back to the desktop is done in similar manner as on Windows 8, by dragging the screensaver with an upward motion. Alternatively, you can tap the Escape key; right-clicking also worked in our case.

We noticed that in lack of audio output on the system, the screensaver will not take effect and instead a message informing that no sound device was detected will pop up. This message would continue to show up for as long as the screensaver’s process is running.
Getting to the set up panel of the application is done just like in the case of any screensaver, from Windows’ personalization options.
ModernLogin can be configured to display a different background than the default, dark one, and you can choose any JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF image file. The only worry you should have is that the picture has the right resolution to fit the screen perfectly. Surprisingly, you can also choose an animated GIF.
The color of the text can also be changed, but the possibilities in this case are limited to choosing between black or white. There is no color wheel for a more elaborate choice, as one might expect.
More customization options allow you to select between a 12-hour clock type and a 24-hour one. Furthermore, the developer added the possibility to select the order of the date, so you can pick any combination of week day, day and month.

Screensavers have been created out of practical needs, back in the days when CRT (cathode ray tubes) monitors were the only type of display available on the market. The purpose of such programs back then was to prevent image burn-ins on the CRT.
Having a single image displayed for a long time on such displays would lead to a ghost effect of that image (burn-in), visible when the monitor was turned off. Such effect is still visible in public screens still using CRT display.
Although they no longer have a practical use these days, they represent a cool way to personalize your computer. Indeed, you won’t be able to see it yourself too often, but a slick background can score you some points with your work buddies.

ModernLogin is not as advanced as to show various notifications, like the default screensaver in Windows 8, but it still gets you a minimalist, albeit good looking, display. It is not a complicated application and it manages to bring to the table the minimum amount of options necessary for a regular user.

For more advanced users, though, more customization options are required. Choosing between multiple clock types or having the possibility to move its position as well as more choices for the text color could be on the wishlist of many users.

The Good
The default image looks great, but you can modify it and add any picture you want as long as the format is supported. Animated GIF files, provided that you have them at the right resolution, look awesome as a screensaver.

The Bad

When installing ModernLogin, all the files are dumped in the same location as the main SCR. For the beginner user, this may produce quite a bit of confusion. Also, on computers with no audio output the application seems to generate a message that prevents the screensaver from kicking in.

The Truth
ModernLogin can emulate the screensaver in Windows 8 to a certain extent. A heftier set of configuration options would come in handy. It is quite rough on the edges and more polishing needs to be done. However, it does look good on Windows 7 and unlocking the desktop Windows 8 style feels pretty good, too.


Note: ModernLogin is currently in beta stage of development, hence a project in progress. As such, our rating will remain set to the default three stars until the stable version is evaluated.

Himanshu is a young engineer living in India. Currently working at Cognizant as a Senior Engineer. He is an ethical hacker & blogger too, doing lots of crazy stuff... If you seem interesting, go through his portfolio: www.himstar.info : "Open Source. Millions of open minds can't be wrong!

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