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Hello friends, hope you are doing well. This is my first tech blog on TricksWay also my first blog which I wrote after 3 hard working days...are you thinking how a single post can tech 3 days to go live ?? ... hmm, I don't say anything before your reading. Let's start...


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Why this contact form is magical?

A simple question in your mind coming why magical when lot's of contact form code already available in single Google search, let's check all points one by one and judge self...

1- Hide and Seek place holder:
This contact form having three most commonly used option for visitor/user , Name , Email and Message but here all the place holder text auto hide and seek UI interface.

2- Cool and advanced UI design:
Design of this contact form is cool and easy to use with your current website with perfect UI and attractive design.
After submitting text details by user/visitor you can see externally with a beautiful layout.

3- Get your form details without login or admin panel:
Accessing database for custom uses takes lot's of time to develop admin panel or checking detail by phpmyAdmin.
Our contact form freely provide a different page to see what your user submitted in contact form just a single click.

How to use php external message visible form:

1- Upload all files on server and remember codes must be uploaded on the sequence.
2- Now go to C panel create my_sql database and user also provide all Privileges to user as below image.

add-user-database 3- Now you will modify contact.php and getData.php to connect with your website database.
Change Database name , username and password as below image.

database-setup 4- Cheers!!! you successfully install the contact form. to check submit as user and after that to filled form.

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