How To Spread Batch Viruses Automatically On Victim Pc, When PenDrive Plug

In below tutorial I'M going to share how to attackers Spreading batch viruses through pen drive.


Step 1 : 

Open notepad and write 


Save file as autorun.inf

Step 2:

Put this autorun.inf and your actual batch virus anything.bat in pendrive .
When the victim would plug in pen drive,the autorun.inf will launch anything.bat and commands in batch file virus would executed.

Himanshu is a young engineer living in India. Currently working at Cognizant as a Senior Engineer. He is an ethical hacker & blogger too, doing lots of crazy stuff... If you seem interesting, go through his portfolio: : "Open Source. Millions of open minds can't be wrong!

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  • Brittney Liedberg

    Rather entertaining many thanks, I believe your visitors could possibly want significantly more content similar to this carry on the superior get the job done.

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