What Is Cloud Computing Fact And Scope In India

What is Cloud Computing ?

In one Cloud computing refers to the provision of computational resources on demand via a computer network. In simple words you can access online resources like memory, applications, software on demand . Your local computer have nothing to do with this but must have access to Internet, via which you will access the resources provided by service providers like Microsoft and google. Reason behind the name “cloud” may be due to don't know about actual location from which service are provided.


Sample architecture will make the point clear of cloud computing:

  • Internet
  • Application
  • server
  • client
  • storage
  • Other services

Benefits you will get :

Reduced Cost:
Cloud technology is paid incrementally, saving organizations money.

Increased Storage
Organizations can store more data than on private computer systems.

Highly Automated
No longer do IT personnel need to worry about keeping software up to date.

Cloud computing offers much more flexibility than past computing methods.

More Mobility
Employees can access information wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their desks.

Allows IT to Shift Focus
No longer having to worry about constant server updates and other computing issues, government organizations will be free to concentrate on innovation.
Besides these Internet have many prominent example ,and using these services you will know how sexy it is...



1. Microsoft provides 25 gb free via cloud: known as “sky drive” here u can store data in folders and it has many more.

2. google also provides 5gb on cloud and it has many
interactive apps there too:

3. ubuntu one : is a service provided by ubuntu in which you can store your desktop data to cloud if you are using the

4. Moreover google is developing “chromium os” in a fully cloud computing manner so that when you lost your pc anyhow will not destroy the data because it will be in clouds.

So wait for...
More over Microsoft also moving towards online office version known as office online.
You can find net application like aviary ,picnic.com,google docs etc. as clouds...

Fact About Cloud Computing In India :


I'M not feel happy to say but cloud computing will only success when there will a speed and no limitation of data transfer here in india because of 3g avg. speed it improving in mbps in South Korea 27.7 mbps is avg speed so you can imagine how poor is our country in speed of Internet. Now in India only 3G service available for fast Internet , it's also not quite impressive. 3G plan in India is also to costly so how a avg. person can afford this high prices of 3g and high speed Internet.

So According to me Cloud computing wil be best in india but it's take time !!

Himanshu is a young engineer living in India. Currently working at Cognizant as a Senior Engineer. He is an ethical hacker & blogger too, doing lots of crazy stuff... If you seem interesting, go through his portfolio: www.himstar.info : "Open Source. Millions of open minds can't be wrong!

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