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Let's talk, it is the community's answer to the NSA's constant attack on their privacy. Mailpile is self-hosted email application allows users to Design your own mail box and manage their own email system and be in your complete control of who, where, and how they can get to access it.

Mailpile email script design

What is the features of Mailpile ?

  1. Mailpile can be hosted online or you can run locally on your laptop. It work's on any regular computer that can run a Python compiler and does not require any specific hardware recommendations.
  2. Looks of Mailpile as email services used to look before designers had their way with these interfaces and changed them into a convoluted mess.
  3. Simple to use and designed to be secure, above all, private.
  4. Mailpile service supports basic email features as example- the classic inbox display model, draft messages, a contacts manager, an HTML5-based UI, PGP/MIME support, lots of encryption protocols for keeping your data safe, and the ability for reading emails in various formats.

To demo and download just click on below links:

Demo Download

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