Nokia Lumia 800 Surprisingly Good But Not Quite Impressive

Nokia’s Lumia series is a new beginning for the Finnish company. Rather than choosing Google’s Android platform or continuing developing its own MeeGo operating system, the handset maker decided to go for Microsoft’s Windows Phone.Unfortunately, Nokia’s decision led to a schism among the company’s fans who preferred one the three major mobile operating systems: MeeGo,
Android and Windows Phone.

Launched on the market a few months before Lumia 800 hit shelves, the N9 quickly gathered lots of fans and many favorable reviews from both media and end users alike.

Unfortunately, Nokia decided against a global rollout for N9, and further announced this would be the last MeeGo smartphone launched on the market, even if the device receives positive feedback.

Display and Camera

Nokia Lumia 800 sports a 3.7-inch display, which is slightly smaller than N9’s unusual 3.9-inch touchscreen. Just like the N9’s display, Lumia 800’s screen features an anti-glare polarizer optical filter that increases visibility when outdoors in strong sunlight.
Furthermore, the smartphone’s AMOLED display is of PenTile matrix quality, though according to Nokia, this won’t be noticeable with the naked eye by the majority of people. Nokia Lumia 800’s screen supports WVGA (480 x 800) pixels resolution and 251ppi pixel density.
In addition, the screen is protected by a convex layer of Corning Gorilla Glass, which makes it easier for users to swipe over it from side to side.Overall, we think that Nokia Lumia 800’s display is pretty impressive and can be easily compared with Super AMOLED screens, especially when it comes to brightness.


It’s pretty clear that Nokia and Windows Phone already have its fans. Microsoft and Nokia continue to work on improving the Windows Phone environment, as well as the devices powered by this platform.
While the Lumia 800 is one of Nokia’s top tier phones, we still think that the Finnish company still has some things that need to iron out before it can battle Android and iOS. However, we were pretty content with the Lumia 800 hardware and software performance and think that there’s enough marketplace for all three mobile platforms.

The Good

The first thing that we think should make the Lumia 800 stand out is the appealing design. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is also another consistent improvement over the original version, which lacked so many things like multitasking and copy/paste.

Even though the phone’s 3.7-inch ClearBlack display only supports 480 x 800 pixels resolution, the image is simply amazing. Software-wise, the Office package and Nokia full suite of apps and services are also among the Lumia 800’s strong points.

The Bad

Some may complain about the phone’s form factor, but personally I like the minimal look and rectangular form factor. Another downside of the Lumia 800 is the lack of a microSD card slot, but that’s a common issue for all Windows Phone devices. Telephony and multimedia areas could be improved as well via software updates.

Sales Package:

Nokia Lumia 800 handset
Compact Charger
Stereo Earphones
USB Data Cable

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