Send and trace Fake/Spoofed Email (Email Spamming)

Email Travelling Path :

Let’s we have two Email providers, one is and other is , XYZ is a registered user in and ABC is a registered user in


XYZ signs in to his Email account in, he then writes a mail to the and sends the message.
But what happens behind the curtains, the Email from the computer of is forwarded to the Email server of Server of then looks for on the Internet and forwards the Email of the for the account of Hotmail server puts that email in that account.
ABC then sits on computer and signs in to own Email account and see the message in Email inbox.

Must Read Our Disclaimer First Before Reading This Tutorials.

What is Sending Fake Spoofed Email: ?

Fake or spoofed email or email-spamming means the email from any email ID. It doesn't matter whether the sender's email really exists or not. Sender's email ID can be

Methods :

1 - Using Websites : There are many websites that provide free service to send fake emails. But the problem is that they attach the advertisements and spam along with your email. But the best one i have found that do not attach the advertisements and malware.  this website have some advance options.


2-Using E-mail sending php scripts : 

The PHP contains mail sending function which allows us to send email with fake headers.

Download script from Here !

We just need to upload the mail sending script on a web hosting site. It doesn't work with those site there is no email sending support. I have tested it works perfect.

You Can Also Learn Phishing And Web Hosting Tutorial From Here !

Ex: After Uploading Your File You Can See Like Below :
and after sending your mail look like as below :

 I Received This Mail On My Mail Id as below

Note: This script contains options of sending spoofed email, spamming and email bombing. Your hosting account might be immediately suspended on spamming. But it works perfect if you have any your own premium web hosting account.

How to identify an received email is real or spam ?
It can be done by checking headers of recived mail. Email headers is simply the text which contains the information and path about the mail servers from the sender to receiver. It contains a lot of other information also.
We can view email headers in gmail by clicking at 'show orignal', in yahoo by clicking at 'Full headers' and such kinds of options in other email service providers .

Ex : For Gmail :

Origional Path is :


Can we get sender's IP address from Email header?

Gmail, yahoo normally do not reveal sender's IP address. But when we send an email from a php script,  the headers might reveal Sender's IP. The conclusion is that answer to this question depend on email service providers and the way how email is sent.

Can we trace sender's location, if we get his IP address ?

The IP address could only tell that which Internet Service Provider (ISP) is used by Email sender. Normally the Public IP is dynamic that is it keep changing. We need to ask ISP about the user who was assigned that IP at the time email was sent. If sender has purchased a static IP address, he could easily be traced.

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