Why MOTO G2 is the best affordable smartphone!

Motorola made a bang in the mobile industry two days ago with the introduction of an upgraded version of 2nd Generation MOTO G smartphone. With the inclusion of Android Lollipop and 4G LTE connectivity, it has once again made its fans jump out of their seats and has sold many pieces of itself! As quoted by Zach Epstein, this smartphone is a game changer. Let’s dig deeper into this phone:


  • Design: The Moto G 2nd generation smartphone has a 5 inch 720 x 1080 display and comes with Corning Gorilla glass protection. Corning Gorilla glass is famous for providing protection from regular scratches and problems. It comes in a sleek case and with case backs available in a variety of colours, you get to choose one as per your taste. Exclusive flipkart coupons to help you buy this latest smartphone at an amazing discount. You also get additional cash back.
  • Processor and battery: It is equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU to help you use multiple applications at a single time. Face hanging problem no more! It has 2070-mAh battery which means you can easily survive for a day with it without having to recharge your phone.
  • 4G LTE support: The newest addition to its specification is the 4G LTE support. LTE stand for Long Term Evolution. It is a 4G wireless communications standard developed by 3GPP. 4G technology helps to access and download data at a high speed almost equivalent to 100Mbit per second. This means a wider support for users for their communication and data needs. Ensure that you do not miss out on this amazing phone as most online shopping sites have already stocked it. Has tempting coupons on their site with the help of which you can buy MOTO 2G for a more affordable price.
  • Camera: It has an 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera, inbuilt with LED flash. It has a digital zoom of 4x. It also includes other features like auto focus, slow motion video, tap to focus and burst mode. With so many features, get ready to make capture quality images and make memories!
  • Operating system: It operates on Android’s 4.4 Kitkat which means a smoother smartphone experience and better battery life. Just one the many reasons why it’s getting sold at such an increasing rate.
  • Storage: You don’t have to delete your previous files any more on your phone to make space for the new ones. With an internal storage of 16 GB, get more space for storing your ever increasing songs and pictures.

Moto G2 is also a water resistant phone and provides a superior music experience. With a quick user interface and lightning speed, you will be able to swap between multiple apps swiftly. Although Moto G2 is costlier compared to its previous version, it is still an affordable smartphone in the market. It offers features almost all the other pricier smartphones have at a lesser cost and enthralling characteristics.

Riddhi Gupta has a penchant for writing and is also a tech expert. Check out what’s new in technology and get your hands on the latest gadget. Gupta covers issues relating to technology and business and has created a reputation for writing articles and new about the latest technological trends and developments happening around the world.

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