Why you should say "No" to facebook free basic internet offer ?

We all are hearing about 'Net Neutrality' around last 1-2 years and till now it's become very confusing for almost everyone.  Let's discuss all about it, because very important to know about Net Neutrality before making your decision.

What is Net Neutrality ?

In a single line we can say "Net Equality" means with Net Neutrality we pay only one internet fee and access every site without exatra charges or free.

say no to free basic

the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites

Why Telecoms Companies Against on Net Neutrality ?

Data network provider's companies never in support of Net Neutrality because before a year ago they announced for taking extra charge on Skype or WhatsApp uses, WhatApp and Skype providing VOIP services means by using then we can makes internet call's and that's why they trying to charge extra.
But with Net Neutrality they can't do this.

Why you should say "No" to facebook free basic ?

Facebook fighting for free basic for Villages and Poor people and to provide them free basic internet access, as example- facebook, medical, news, mail and some other.

say no to facebook free bsic

But trough not going with facebook, facebook want's to give above them free but behind this a sharp mind.
Major earning source for facebook is Advertisement, if more and more people going for Facebook then more and more earning coming to facebook.

But behind some of your free site you should pay a lot for you important sites.
It's truly sure if Facebook comes for free then other sites should become chargeable as per Data Service Provider Companies terms.

So think about that and say "No" to facebook free basic.

Himanshu is a young engineer living in India. Currently working at Cognizant as a Senior Engineer. He is an ethical hacker & blogger too, doing lots of crazy stuff... If you seem interesting, go through his portfolio: www.himstar.info : "Open Source. Millions of open minds can't be wrong!

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