Add a Power menu on desktop in windows 8

As we all know that in windows 8 when we have to shutdown, hibernate, sleep or restart the computer then we have to go through settings and this takes more processes with time. Here is a trick to put all the shut dowm options at desktop.

Some commands are given in the table which will be used..

For Shutdown : shutdown.exe /s /t 00
For Restart      : shutdown.exe /r /t 00
For Logoff       : shutdown.exe /l
For Sleep Or Hibernate : rundll32.exe powrfroof.dll,SetSusendState
For Lock         : rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
For Switch User : tsdiscon.exe

Sleep vs. Hibernate :

As  you  can  see  the  same  command  line  is  used  to  initiate  Sleep  and Hibernate.  If  you  have  the enabled Hibernate  feature,  then  this  command  line  will  put  the  system  into  Hibernation mode.  If   you  have  disabled Hibernate  feature,  then  this  command  line will  put  the  system  into  Sleep mode.
Noe lets start..

Step 1

Creating the Shortcuts :

First right click on desktop select New > Shortcut.

In order to touse the task toolbar you will need to create all the shortcuts in a single folder. To do so creat a new folder and name it any say shutdown. Open this folder and right click on the background and then to new to create shortcut. Time the first command from the below.

shutdown.exe /s /t 00

In this  command,  the  /s  is  the  shutdown  parameter  and  the /t 00  is  the  timer  parameter  which  instructs  the shutdown  command to shut down  the  system  in  00  seconds  or  immediately .  Once you  type  the  command,  you can  click  Next.  When  you  see  the  second  screen  in  the  Create  Shortcut  wizard,  type  Shut  down  as  shown  in Figure .  To complete the wizard, just  click Finish.
Step 2 :

Restart Shortcut

Once  you  created  the  Shutdown  shortcut,  you’ll  create  the  Restart  shortcut as same as the above procedure only change the restart command and name it as restart. The procedure is shown in fig.

shutdown.exe /r /t 00

Step 3 :

Hibernate Shortcut

Follow the same procedure and change command together with the name from the below.

rundll32.exe powrfroof.dll,SetSusendState
Step 4 :

Log off

Follow the same procedure and change command together with the name from the below.

shutdown.exe /l

Step 5 :


Follow the same procedure and change command together with the name from below :

rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Step 6 :

Switch User

Follow the same procedure and change command together with the name from below :


Once you have created  your  shortcuts,  you  can assign  each one a unique icon if you wish.  To do so, right click on the shortcut icon and select the Properties command. When you see the Properties dialog box, click the Change Icon button to open the Change Icon dialog box. Then, click the Browse button. You can find a host of icons in the Shell32.dll file, as shown in Figure.

Step 7 :

Creating the toolbar

Right click on the task bar and then choose toolbar then new toolbar.

Now point to your shutdown folder created
New shut down menu will appear on right hand side to toolbar

That’s all now you have created shutdown menu on your desktop.

Imtiyaz Ahmad is an engineering student from U.P, India. He loves to learn by making his own concepts and makes study easier by developing the tricks for study. He loves to share his knowledge with all and  has deep knowledge of subjects of mechanical engineering and wants to learn more and more….a very special thanks to you for being with us.

Himanshu is a young engineer living in India. Currently working at Cognizant as a Senior Engineer. He is an ethical hacker & blogger too, doing lots of crazy stuff... If you seem interesting, go through his portfolio: : "Open Source. Millions of open minds can't be wrong!

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