Connect your C panel server with SSH using Putty

Your shared c panel account gives you access to connect via SSH, however, you should connect using SSH Keys. Initially, you should create an SSH key, then change over and download it, connect with SSH client, for example, Putty.
Let's discuss complete tutorial for Connect your C panel server with SSH using Putty

Generating SSH Key

Login to your c Panel .

Under Security, you will find an option for SSH as below image, click SSH/Shell Access.

SSH in C panel

Click the Manage SSH Keys, it will redirect you to a new page. Then click Generate a new Key.

Create a strong password and verify in the second field, as below image:

SSH Authentication key

When you see message Key Generation Complete!. Click to Go Back button.

On the next screen click on Manage Authorization.

You will see a message stating, The key with the name “id_rsa” is currently “not authorized” for use when connecting to this account.

Click the Authorize button. You will see a message like "The key "" has been authorized.

Convert your SSH Key for Putty

If you don't have puttygen (used for generating key for putty) then download and open from Here !

Now again under C panel access SSH section and under Private Key click on View/Download , as below:

Download SSH private key

Now open puttygen and click on Load button, select recently download private SSH key and  click on open.

Connect Putty

It will ask you for Passphrase key, enter your password for SSH key (created in c panel) and click on OK.

You will see success message as below:

Key Import Success Message puttygen

Now click on Save Private Key and download your key, you can see example below:

SSH key download puttygen

Connect your C panel server with SSH using Putty

  • Open Putty , if you don't have download from Here !
  • Click on Session and enter your server IP and port 2222 then hit Save button.
  • Navigate for SSH > Auth and browse you saved key generated earlier and Open.
  • That's it , if you get any security alert then enter you cpanel username and server key password.


I tried to make article very handy if you still face any problem let us know, we will reply you asap, Enjoy !!



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